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    For those looking to develop and expand the boundaries
    • DIVING EQUIPMENT Light and heating gear

      We provide diving enthusiasts with safety and full experience during the exploration of the underwater world, offering the best dive lights and exceptional thermal comfort.
      Ammonite System offer includes the highest quality umbilical lights, compact and back-up torches as well as advanced power supply for heated dive wear: gloves, vests, undersuits.


      It doesn't matter if you are an advanced technical diver or a recreational, you dive in a classic backmount or sidemount configuration, it is important that you are serious about diving and your further development - you will appreciate the durability, reliability, and functionality of our equipment.
      The dive equipment on which satisfaction and safety during diving depend, and often your life.

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    • Introducing LED NAUTILUS

      Led Nautilus is our most versatile diving lamp head. Up to 4000 lm light output and regulated angle (9-45 degrees), it can upstand almost all conditions.

    • Johan de With about Led Speleo

      Review written by Johan de With about our new Lamp Head made especially for cave divers - Led Speleo!

    • Introducing Led SOLARIS NextGen

      Led Solaris NextGen is our well-received torch in a new even more powerful form. Up to 4500lm in 6-degree beam with medium corona effect allows diving even in the hardest conditions. 


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    • pascal van erp

      Pascal van Erp

      Nowadays they run lost fishing gear survey and removal projects in mainly the North Sea, Adriatic Sea, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Caspian Sea, Pacific Ocean and Scapa Flow. 

    • Garry Dallas

      Garry, known to many as ‘Sidemount Bob’ or ‘Chewie’, is indeed fascinated by the underwater world and is equally happy being mesmerized by the gracefulness and beauty of marine life as he is with the eerie silence of the deep and caves.

    • Leigh Cunningham

      To call him a character would be an understatement, beneath the eccentric exterior lurked a diver with levels of discipline and skill I have rarely seen on my travels.

    • Ela Benducka

      A passionate diver and a woman full of ideas and energy.