Czarek Abramowski

Few words about Czarku

His career was crowned by the highest possible rank in sports diving, i.e. Instructor Trainer SDI & TDI. At the moment, he can train tec and recreational divers as well as instructors for all tiers in open cycles.

He has granted hundreds of different rank certificates. His immense diving experience, including over 800 tec dives (more than 100 at the depth of over 100 m), allows him to convey to divers complete theoretical and practical knowledge, encompassing consultancy in the area of choices of diving equipment. He has participated in tens of deep exploratory dive projects, including:
- exploration of Dahab Canyon in search of a lost cave at 155 m;
- the famous "walk" along the Bells-Blue Hole route at 130 m;
- exploration of the Bells to the depth of 183 m;
- "deepening" of the infamous Ras Mamlah cave at 115 m
- as well as the most famous Sabak Ha project - exploration of the Mexican cave at 130 m (the film "The Devil's Cellars").