About us

8 reasons for using AmmoniteSystem-made equipment

Word has it that the best companies are established when their founders create something they actually need.
We have been living proof of that since the year 2005.

  • We are passionate

    Ammonite System is where our passion for diving comes into fruition. The company was founded out of the desire to create reliable and functional diving equipment.


    We keep proving that while operating within the accepted diving standards, it is also possible to introduce numerous innovations and improvements, as well as completely new products. Our actions are well-thought-out and translate directly into what our Customer gets diving equipment of uncompromising quality.

  • We love innovations

    At Ammonite System, we develop and implement our own solutions.

    Among the unique products we have created, there are umbilical light handles – Goodman Soft and Goodman Modular, our battery mounting system – Accu Click Mount, and our bestseller – the Accu Thermo series of heating batteries. 

  • We keep you company every step of the way

    We operate on many markets. We are proud that divers from all over the world have access to our products. But we go even further. Not only do we reach them with our equipment through the network of distributors and dealers, we also provide them with something equally important - transparency, fast and uncomplicated communication, and reliable access to the service.

  • We work with the best

    Safety and comfort of using our products is key, and at Ammonite, we’re aware of that. That’s where our products’ design comes from, as well as their precise assembly, appropriate labeling and practical, eco-friendly packaging.


    This is why we cooperate with the finest specialists in the field of design, metal and plastic processing, and optoelectronics. We’re also developing a network of brand ambassadors  the best technical divers who test our products thoroughly in various conditions and support us with professional advice. This gives us confidence that the equipment we create and our Customers use is safe, comfortable, and reliable.

  • We strive for perfection

    A perfect product does not exist, but we’re on our way towards it. We believe it’s worth introducing even the smallest changes that make good equipment even better. That’s what we did with our products, including the ACCU THERMO. Since its launch on the market, we have made nearly forty changes which additionally increased its safety, functionality, and aesthetic. We constantly implement new ideas, because our product shouldn’t be known just for its reliability and durability it should also be intuitive and pleasant to use.

  • We create and produce in Poland

    All Ammonite System products are fully our own work, and the entire process from design, through production, assembly, packaging and shipment to the Customer  takes place in Poland with the use of the best components from highly regarded sub-suppliers from around the world.


    Our equipment is hand-assembled, thoroughly tested in a multi-staged process, and packed in ecological packaging, because we care about uncompromising quality from start to finish.  We proudly mark our products as MADE IN POLAND / EU.

  • We provide uncompromising quality

    Our co-workers sometimes jokingly call us quality freaks since our goal is always to improve the quality and reliability of our products. We make no compromises where safety is concerned. We stand by the quality of each element by giving our equipment an extended AMMO POWER warranty.

  • We go one step further

    In Ammonite System, the Customer comes first.  

    That’s why:

    • we develop complaint procedures to make them easy and intuitive,
    • we increase our stock levels to reduce delivery times,
    • we reply to messages swiftly, usually on the same day
    • we present all technical data in a reliable manner,
    • we provide information about the product even many years after the purchase,
    • we guarantee service at the highest global standard.

    Because purchasing Ammonite System products is only the beginning of our relationship.
    See you underwater!