About us

6 reasons for using AmmoniteSystem-made equipment

  • 1. The company was created out of love for diving.

    The company founders, Aleksander Chodakowski and Piotr Stępkowski, are active divers. High quality, reliability and utility features of the light systems designed and produced by them are a result of, among other things, a good understanding of divers' needs. Aleksander Chodakowski is a diving instructor. Both owners of AmmoniteSystem dive on a regular basis, closely cooperate with diving centres and listen to instructor opinions. As a result, the produced torches meet the divers' real needs. The high quality of equipment is additionally verified during comprehensive tests of the following features:

    • durability • reliability and safety • ergonomics and functionality

  • 2. Lighting systems.

    AmmoniteSystem lighting systems are 100% designed and produced in Poland. As a result, equipment distributors and users can enjoy the benefits of a very fast guarantee service. They can also count on our support and full commitment in the development of even the most sophisticated diving lighting system. AmmoniteSystem meets its clients and dealers at various diving events and during equipment tests.

  • 3. Top quality.

    Top quality made in Poland. AmmoniteSystem's production operations are based in Poland, which is a guarantee of top product quality. The company cooperates with the best producers of electronic components, casings, optical devices, as well as machining specialists. All components are carefully selected – if imported, they are solely recognized brand products, mainly American and Japanese.

  • 4. Developing.

    AmmoniteSystem keeps on developing. It is our passion to design new lighting equipment models and upgrade the existing top products. Robust and light back-up torch (LED ONE) or compact main light source (LED TWO) are the examples of product development work that encourages us to continue our efforts. Each user suggestion is an additional source of inspiration for AmmoniteSystem.

  • 5. Distribution.

    AmmoniteSystem relies on professional distribution. We have full trust in certified diving instructors and distribution centres and we want them to be the main distribution channel for AmmoniteSystem products. In our opinion, professionals are the best advisor at all stages of the diving adventure. AmmoniteSystem provides its distributors with a guarantee as well as product-related and marketing support.

  • 6. We are developing.

    Which is evidenced not only by the newly developed AmmoniteSystem torch models, but also new markets we expand to. Polish lighting systems with an ammonite in their logo are recognized abroad, incl. in Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Russia, because they offer high quality, reliability, great appearance and are available at reasonable and affordable prices.