Max Fahr

Hi, my name is Max.
I started diving when I was just 8 years old and slowly developed to one of the most active European Cave Explorers. My diving is very characterised by DIR-Style diving.
Some caves need Wetsuits and OC-Sidemount to squeeze through muddy restrictions and some caves need Dual CCR and two scooters to penetrate many kilometres into huge tunnels.  I love remote caves where the logistic is the key to success. My favourite Project is the Blautopf cave System in South Germany, where i am exploring whenever it is possible. 
There are also plenty of international Projects where i regulary participate like in India, Italy, France and East Europe.
To accomplish all these demanding dives you simply need the best and toughest gear.
In the past i was helping many companies to test and develop High End Diving Gear.
In tough condtions i can fully trust the Ammonite products.