1) Q: Can I use ACCU THERMO in sidemount configuration?

A: Of course, you can! Despite ACCU THERMO being designed primarily to be used in backmount or rebreather configuration, there are no obstacles to using it in sidemount.


2) Q: Can I use ACCU THERMO with sidemount cable (90° CONNECTING CABLE)?

A: No, our sidemount cables (90° CONNECTING CABLE) are meant to be used only with ACCU TYPE accumulators (ACCU TYPE 9, ACCU TYPE 10, ACCU TYPE 14 and ACCU TYPE 24).

Construction of ACCU THERMO and especially the proximity of the E/O cord output proper tightening of the cable in the charging/torch port.

Bellow, you can see a picture that shows the problem:



Also, the charging/torch port construction (multiple threads) prevents proper Sidemount Cable setting.

If your problem lies in too short cable for your umbilical light, remember that you can order one made just for you, in the length you prefer.


3) Q: Does the power control switch impact both power outputs?

A: No, our three-level power regulation switch controls only E/O cord output in 0/70/100% steps.
The charging/torch port works at 100% power and 12V current.


4) Q: Can I plug another brand umbilical light into my ACCU THERMO?

A: Yes, as long as it operates on a 12V current, there are no obstacles to using it.

Just remember to plug it into the charging/torch output.


5) Q: Can I use the installed E/O cord output to plug my umbilical light?

A: No, the installed E/O cable is meant to be used only for powering your heating system.

Using it otherwise may cause malfunctioning or even damage to your umbilical light or ACCU THERMO.
Use the charging port/torch to power your light.