His passion for speleology began from childhood and starting up from the early 2000s he began exploring the caves from Romania.

He continues his training in speleology by participating in numerous courses on single rope techniques (SRT) , cave topography and cartography, cave rescue, cave archeology and biospeology organized in Romania and France, later, being part of the first generation of professional speleology and cave rescue instructors from Romania.

Member of the team that discovered the oldest rock paintings in Central and Eastern Europe, among the oldest in the world, in Coliboaia Cave - Romania, dated at approx. 36,000 years BP, participating in international speleological expeditions to France, Mexico, Albania and Turkey, continues his professional activity as coordinator of a mountain and cave rescue team.

The first contact with the underwater environment takes place only in 2015, when he is initiated into diving directly inside a cave, in a small lake. Subsequently, his activity is focused on attending technical diving courses and training in the sidemount configuration. With most of the dives in overhead environments, he continues the exploration of the submerged caves.

With the support of some friends from the divers and speleologists community, he started a project that aims to promote cave diving and exploration in Romania’s caves, by founding "Transilvania Cave Diving".

He starts the distribution of quality diving equipment, intended for both recreational and technical divers and realizes the design for the '' Transilvania '' version of the sidemount BCD Side16 Avenger from TecLine.