To facilitate service or warranty repair we have prepared the following manual and the service form. Full and correct filling out of the service form will enable and significantly shorten the time of the service procedure.

Remember to:
- include a complete set of equipment in your parcel
- attach proof of purchase
- complete, print and attach the service form

In case of problems with ACCU THERMO, there might be necessary to send with the faulty ACCU THERMO entire heating system.

The system is understood as: ACCU THERMO + Thermo Valve + elements of heated garment used with ACCU THERMO + the umbilical light if it is powered from the same battery.

The package should be sent to the following address:
Ammonite System Plonska 5
Warsaw, 03-683

Please contact us:
+48 517 254 929



Please remember to remove the battery pack before shipping.
The video below shows how to do it.