The warranty covers every Ammonite System product.

Ammonite System offers a one-year basic manufacturer’s warranty for the first owner against all defects in material and workmanship.


Ammonite System retains the right to:

•            Repair the damaged product under the conditions specified in the warranty.
•            Replace the product with a new one when the damage or defect cannot be repaired.
•            Offer a similar product of similar value or reimburse the costs when it is not possible to replace it with the same model.

The Ammonite System warranty does not cover defects caused by actions beyond the control of Ammonite System, except for defects caused by assembly errors and inherent vices of the product or components.


The Ammonite System warranty does not cover, among others:
•            Spills, leaks, and punctures.
•            Damage that results from improper and/or unauthorized repairs or modifications.
•            Defects that result from mechanical damage.
•            Equipment that lacks proper identification markings and/or with broken warranty seals.
•            Damage resulting from improper use, servicing and storage of the product.
•            Damage or malfunction caused by the lack of periodic service, in particular when it’s caused by worn O-rings and seals.
•            Errors resulting from improper assembly and mounting or use of the product in a manner non-compliant with Ammonite System’s written instructions and guidelines.
•            Elements and parts are subject to natural wear and tear. Spills, leaks, punctures and breaks in cords and E / O cables are not covered by the warranty unless they’re caused directly by defects in material or assembly errors.
Damage such as scratches, cuts and chips are not covered by the warranty.



In addition to the standard warranty, Ammonite System offers the original purchaser an extended warranty – AMMOPOWER.
The extended warranty applies to products and accessories manufactured by Ammonite System and sold to the original purchaser under the Ammonite System brand.
The warranty covers defects in material and workmanship for the entire duration of the warranty, calculated in years from the date of original purchase, depending on the type of product.

 Products and the duration of their warranty are listed in the table above.  

 To maintain the validity of both the basic and the extended Ammonite System warranty, the original proof of purchase is necessary.
The Ammonite System warranty is global as long as the proof of purchase is provided by an authorized Ammonite System dealer. Any authorized Ammonite System dealer can service warranty repairs under the condition that the proof of purchase is presented.