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  • Capacity

    The main bag has been designed to transport safely even the most massive umbilical kits made by Ammonite System.

    It can easily fit ACCU THERMO TYPE 24 with any umbilical headlight equipped with Goodman handle and additional accessories.

  • Fully waterproof

    Full waterproofness is achieved not only thanks to the very resistant material (Plastel TE62), which is also utilised in ultra-light structures of inflatable boats.

    The use of welded seams enhances the sealing. The main bag is decorated with a large permanently „baked in” Ammonite System logo.

  • Waterproof Tuck and Roll Carrying Bags set

    A set consists of two durable waterproof bags.

    The main bag in black colour and a secondary, smaller accessory bag in orange.

  • Safe and easy locking system

    The main bag has a completely intuitive, Tuck & Roll, strip closure fastened with a durable, metal buckle made of stainless steel.

    The buckle is decorated with a laser-engraved Ammonite System logo.

    Additionally, the bag is equipped with a steel „eye” for suspending.

    Rolling three times ensures tightness against conditions from the outside and the certainty that not only water but also, dust or dirt will not get inside or outside.

  • Positive buoyancy

    Both bags, when properly closed, have positive buoyancy, they float on the water, even when filled with equipment.

    A useful feature while diving from a boat, exploring caves, etc. An addition to the bags is an aluminium luggage tag on a steel cord with a name and address label decorated with large Ammonite System logo.

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