Joanna Wyrebek

Joanna Wyrebek: A Passionate Diver and Ocean Conservation Advocate

Joanna, originally from Poland but now living in the UK, is an enthusiastic diver who began her underwater adventures in 2014. She specializes in CCR Cave and Full Trimix diving. Joanna mainly dives in the cold waters of the UK. She prefers diving shipwrecks and overhead environments, especially in the old underwater mines found throughout the UK. She is one of the co-founders of 'The Cavettes', a women's diving group dedicated to encouraging more women to experience the thrill and beauty of cold water and overhead diving.

In July 2022, Joanna became an ambassador for DAN Europe, reflecting her deep care for the oceans and the marine life they support. She further demonstrated her commitment to ocean conservation through her participation in the Ghost Ships Project at the Baltic Sea in August 2022, where she helped capture the beauty of the Baltic Sea wrecks on film as a part of a global team (read more here).

She is a member of the Santi Brand Ambassador team. 

She is also a passionate storyteller, often sharing her diving experiences and ocean conservation advocacy through various mediums. She has been a guest on several podcasts, where she narrates her underwater adventures and sheds light on the importance of preserving marine ecosystems. These podcasts provide a platform for Joanna to connect with a wider audience, inspiring others to explore and protect the world beneath the waves. Her storytelling ability, combined with her profound knowledge and experiences, make her a captivating speaker who continues to inspire and educate others about the beauty and fragility of our oceans. 

Links to podcasts:

The Big Scuba Podcast – episode 164 

Offgassing Scuba podcast – with Joanna Wyrebek 

Offgassing Scuba podcast – roundtable with Cavettes

Joanna Wyrebek's diving adventures in cold waters and overhead environments need flexible and reliable equipment, which is where the Ammonite Dive System comes in handy. She has been using the Led Nautilus and ACCU 24 battery, but recently added the Led Speleo MKII and 9 ACCU battery to her gear. Having two separate sources of heat and light greatly enhances the duration and quality of her dives. Additionally, Joanna keeps the Led One and Led Mini torches as backups.