Emma Barrow

About me: 

Hi, I am Emma Barrow, but you might know me as @dive_with_emma
Wreck diving is my passion. While history can be explored from the best books, webinars or fantastically
curated museums, diving down to an historical wreck opens a window to the past like nothing else,
evoking unique sensations of peace and excitement.

I live in Finland, known as a land of the thousand lakes.
We have 188 000 of them actually, each one is an unique opportunity to practice and discover.
In the old time, the endless Northern nights and rough sea conditions made the long and treacherously rocky coastal line a fascinating exploration ground for a wreck enthusiast like me. Here, wrecks lie at any depth, allowing all divers to enjoy their adventures.
Eager to contribute, I write articles for the magazine published by Finnish Divers' Federation.
I also participate to research dives with the Finnish Maritime Archaeological Society; our August 2020
expedition got International media attention as we found gold on the 270-year-old wreck that we were surveying.

In few words, nature, outdoor lifestyle and being curious are my chocolates. And as diving is a never-ending
learning experience, it inspires me to remain humble as I grow with my passion.
If any of this resonates with you, come and dive with me. We'll share adventures together!
@dive_with_emma on Instagram and Facebook

Funny enough: I hate the cold, but I love diving in cold waters. 
Diving in Finland, there are two factors that I can't change or control: the darkness and the cold temperature of water. 
Below 20 metres, the water is always 4 degrees Celsius and often very dark. All year around. 

When I can't change, I try to adapt the best I can. In my favourite environment, I emphasise the importance of warmth and light before anything else.
Adjustable heating switch and powerful light are essential in a primary canister light. 
Not all dives are identical, and that is why diver's needs may vary. I enjoy that the Led Nautilus light beam can be turned to a tight light sword for a mine and to a wider angle for wreck diving. 
The intensity of lumens can be adjusted too. Led Nautilus combined with the Accu Thermo is a all-in-one package.