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    LED SPELEO MARK II strikes the perfect balance between power and operating time, making it an ideal light source for a wide range of underwater activities. 

    Its focused 6-degree beam, complemented by a gentle corona, provides excellent communication properties, giving divers heightened awareness of their surroundings. Whether you're exploring a sunken wreck or navigating a cave system, LED SPELEO MARK II is the perfect tool for the job, delivering reliable and efficient performance every time.



    LED SPELEO MKII is a top-of-the-line umbilical diving light that's not only powerful and versatile but also part of the Ammonite modular system.

    This means that all Ammonite System umbilical headlights, cables, batteries, and heating batteries are fully interchangeable. 

    This modularity allows you to configure your set according to your specific requirements, for example easily change from backmount to side mount configuration, exchange the battery or Goodman handle type. It also makes it easy to upgrade or replace parts as needed in the future.

    The benefits of modularity don't stop there. It also means that for example, you can change a broken cable for a new one on the diving spot without the need of sending it to the service center. This enhances the convenience of use and safety, ensuring that you can continue with your dive without any interruptions.

    So whether you need to replace a part or want to upgrade your setup, the Ammonite System modularity allows you to easily and seamlessly make the necessary changes.



    LED SPELEO MKII provides up to 3000 lumens of light. And with three different light modes to choose from, you can easily adjust the brightness to suit your needs.

    In BACK-UP mode, you'll get approximately 20% of the maximum light output, while OPERATIONAL mode offers approximately 40%. And for maximum brightness, BOOST mode is the way to go.

    But it's not just about brightness – adjusting the light output also helps to minimize backscatter in murky water conditions. And by changing the settings, you can also adjust the operating time of the light. In OPERATIONAL mode, you can expect up to 10 hours of burn time, while in BACK-UP mode, it can last for over 25 hours when paired with the smallest Ammonite System battery, ACCU TYPE 9.

    So whether you're exploring a deep wreck or navigating a dark cave, the LED SPELEO MKII has got you covered. With its durable construction, versatile light modes, and long-lasting battery life, it's the ultimate diving light for any adventure.



    LED SPELEO MKII is equipped with an easy-to-operate switch adjustor that allows for better optimization of the light amount. It features three operating modes that cater to a diverse range of needs.

    In BACK-UP mode, the headlight delivers the longest operating time with adequate illumination. 

    The OPERATING MODE is perfectly balanced, providing an optimal combination of operating time and light output, based on the LED chip's effectiveness curve. 

    BOOST mode offers maximum power when you need it the most, providing you with the brightest illumination possible.

    With these three optimized operating modes, the LED SPELEO MKII offers versatility and convenience to divers of all levels. Whether you're exploring a cave or taking part in a night dive, you can easily switch between modes to ensure that you have the perfect amount of light for the task at hand.



    The LED SPELEO MKII’s compact and lightweight design makes it incredibly easy and convenient to operate, allowing divers to focus on their exploration without being encumbered by heavy or cumbersome light heads.

    It is only 116 mm length and 53 mm in diameter and weighs only 262 g (100 g in water).

    LED SPELEO MKII is also an ideal choice for use with Ammonite System Goodman handles, as it allows for greater maneuverability and comfort during extended dives.



    LED SPELEO MKII's advanced microchip system enhances safety during dives by providing status signalling and low battery alerts.


    When the battery level becomes low, the microchip system signals the user with a strobe flash, and switches to “take me home mode” providing over 1hr of additional operating time and thus a reliable way to ensure that divers can return to the surface safely.

    By alerting divers to low battery levels and providing a backup mode in case of battery depletion, the LED SPELEO MKII enhances the overall safety of diving expeditions. Divers can explore with confidence, knowing that they will be alerted if the battery level becomes critical, and that they have a reliable mode to ensure a safe return to the surface.



    LED SPELEO MKII's "take me home" mode is a backup mode that the light switches to when the battery is drained, providing divers with a reliable way to return to the surface.

    In "take me home" mode, the light will continue to operate for at least 1 hour or more, depending on the light and the used accumulator. This ensures that divers have enough time to finish the dive when the battery runs out

    It is important to note that the light will remain working only in "take me home" mode until the battery is recharged again. This means that it is essential to recharge the battery after every dive to ensure that the light is ready for the next use.



    Ammonite System is committed to providing top-quality products and services to our customers. We stand behind our products and are confident in their quality, which is why we offer an extended 3-year warranty on all of our AMMOPOWER products.

    This warranty is a testament to our dedication to providing customers with reliable, high-quality products that are built to last. We take pride in our products and want our customers to have peace of mind knowing that they are making a smart investment with Ammonite System.

    Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in our extended warranty, making Ammonite System the ideal choice for divers who are looking for reliable and durable diving equipment.


    Given that we only have one habitable planet, it's crucial for everyone to take part in preserving the environment. At Ammonite System, we're not just passionate about creating top-quality diving gear; we're also committed to making a positive impact on the environment. We recognize that the preservation of our planet is crucial, and we take pride in doing our part to protect it.

    To that end, we've opted to use recyclable cardboard packaging for our boxes, bags, and containers, rather than plastic. Not only is our packaging eco-friendly, but it's also lightweight, compact, and takes up less space, resulting in a lower environmental impact overall. By using recyclable materials, we're able to reduce waste and promote sustainability, ensuring that our products are not only top-quality but also responsible and conscientious.



    The umbilical light kits consist of four separate boxes and one collective box.

    Each part of the kit is packed separately:

    • chosen headlight with instruction

    • chosen battery with instruction

    • charger with instruction

    • cable and optional additional accessories

    • warranty and quality certificate




    11h 00'
    2h 45'
    11h 55'
    3h 00'
    ACCU TYPE 14
    16h 45'
    4h 10'
    29h 05'
    7h 15'
    measured in operational mode
    measured in boost mode
halomild halo effect
light outputup to 3000 lm
total power32 W
materialhard anodised aluminium / DELRIN®
spot angle
max. length116 mm
type of optics1 x reflector
max. diameter53 mm
colour temperaturecool white
front glass6 mm tempered
power sourceexternal rechargeable battery
weight262 g
switch typemagnetic switch
3 levels of light intensity
discharge warning message
take me home mode
weight in water100 g
max. operation depth200 m
light source1 × LUMINUS SST-70
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