Dave has been diving since he was 15 years old and now some 30+ years later he is still as passionate about diving as he was when he first started.

Through those years he has had the opportunity to dive in some of the most amazing locations around the world including diving on wrecks like the Britannic, Lusitania, USS Atlanta, San Marco, Viminale, Kujawiak (L72), Olympus and Royal Oak. 

He is a TDI and IART Instructor Trainer, a PADI Master instructor, IANTD Rebreather Instructor, CCR Cave Instructor and ITDA technical instructor, specialising in rebreather technology.

He has a passion for teaching and for photography, but also likes to work on expeditions to both unknown wrecks and caves, some of which are at great depths and in extreme locations.

For a number of years now he has been the Diving Safety Officer for the University of Malta and Underwater Cultural Heritage Malta, which gives him the opportunity to dive and work on wrecks that have never been seen or photographed before.