Sabine Kerkau


Diving very quickly became an important thing in her life and it has never ceased to be so. She became a diving instructor in 1996, at that time for recreational scuba diving.
She enjoys every dive she does, but it is wreck diving that has always been best for her. To get the chance of diving to explore the really interesting objects, she started diving with Trimix in 2001. From 2001 until 2006, she was an open circuit Trimix diver. The wrecks she was keen to see, however, were deeper and deeper, which is why she bought her first Rebreather.

During the last 13 years she spent a couple of weeks every year on deep wreck expeditions around the world. Meanwhile, she did more than 600 wreck dives at depths of between 10 and 120m. She was a member of an expedition to the HMS Victoria in Lebanon in 2011. She has seen the San Marco and Benghazi in Sardinia, the States of California and Alaska, the wrecks in Narvik and Scapa Flow, as well as the deep wrecks around Malta and southern France, and many more. In 2013 she dived a U-boat U455 in Italy, the fantastic wrecks in the great lakes of the USA, several deep wrecks in Spain, and the Foke Wulf 58 airplane in Lac du Bourget in France. She is also keen on cave and mine diving. She has dived the Tuna Hastberg mine in Sweden, Pozo Azul in Spain, and some caves in Thailand. In October 2013 she did her deepest dive in a cave i.e. a 125 metre dive in the Song Hong cave.

With her photos and videos, she tries to make a record of the condition of the wrecks and the dives themselves. For over two years now, she has been publishing her works, a testimony to wreck and cave expeditions, in the "WETNOTES" magazine. And she hopes the story will go on for many years to come… Some more information about Sabine here: On a daily basis during her dives Sabine uses Ammonite System’sŸ LED Solaris torch with ACCU 9 Ah Lithium.