Piotr Kędzia Stępkowski


Piotr Kędzia-Stępkowski is not an ordinary diving instructor but a holder of the highest PADI diving rank [Course Director]. He runs instructor training programs, DM, tec and almost every specialisation available in PADI, including ice diving.
Why the nicknames then? He admits himself that while training, he spares no time to teach solid breaststroke and good swimming skills. Hence the name of the stroke he teaches, the jokingly coined "kędzia-breaststroke".
Piotr Kędzia-Stępkowski has dived since 2000. He has participated in many diving expeditions (Spitsbergen, the Canary islands, lakes of Italy, Austria and Ukraine, expeditions to the Mediterranean, Egypt and Sipadan) – his passion is diving in wild and unknown places, with Ammonite System equipment of course.