John Kendall


Whether you're looking to 'go tech' or you're a recreational diver who simply wants to improve your skills, control and confidence, John is perfectly placed to help divers of all levels of experience and ability to achieve their diving ambitions. John Kendall is one of only two GUE technical instructors and the only GUE cave instructor based in the UK. John travels the world teaching a range of GUE recreational, technical and cave classes.
John first became involved with GUE in 2003 after taking part in one of the very first GUE courses to be run in the UK. Putting his GUE training into practice as an active member of the DIR-UK exploration team, John joined the ranks of the GUE elite by becoming a GUE Fundamentals instructor in 2006 and later a GUE Tech-1 instructor in 2009. More recently, John has achieved his greatest ambition - to share his love of cave diving and the wonders of underwater caves as a GUE Cave-1 instructor. John is proud to be involved in the on-going development of the GUE Recreational programme. John teaches classes around the world, as well as arranging experience trips for anyone interested in GUE diving. John has also been active in growing the GUE community in Finland.

As well as being a passionate advocate of GUE, John is also an active dive explorer in his own right. When he's not teaching, John can be found exploring some of the world's most exciting dive destinations - from the phreatic cave systems of France, Florida and Mexico to flooded mines in Finland and the deep wrecks that lie off the coast of the UK, Malta and Egypt. John loves nothing more than sharing his adventures with others - particularly non-divers - through the high definition video he captures on many of his dives. Since first learning to dive in 1993, John has travelled around the world diving and teaching. As an active technical and cave diver, he has been involved in a number of high profile diving projects - from support diving with the WKPP on their record breaking cave traverse to archaeological diving in the channel.

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