Garry Dallas


Garry Dallas, RAID UK & Malta cave, technical and recreational instructor trainer, technical advisor and primary/contributing author in Sidemount/ Cave diver training materials.

In his 20+year career, he has trained with major training organisations, become a published photographer, explorer and sidemount skills developer for OC and CCR, moreover, he’s renowned for his training globally.

Director of Simply Sidemount & Simply Tec, teaching throughout the year, he sends passion through vibes on media channels from around the world.

A keen conservationist and member of “Artic on the Edge”, promotes protection of marine life and ecology through media and presents at schools, international/national dive show events.

Garry about Ammonite System:

“Having used various light systems over the years, there was always a couple of elements missing in the fundamental necessity of an underwater light system.

For me, durability and reliability of a torch are a first requirement, compactness, power output and burn time are next, then the manufacturer’s customer service.

I’m very happy to acknowledge, that since 2015 using Ammonite’s light and heating systems, they have surpassed all my expectations.

Always striving for improvement with up to date technologies. I’m proud to be an ambassador.”