Cees den Toom


Experienced technical, wreck and cave diver. He took his first dive at the age of 16 in The Netherlands. Since then he has made over 5000 dives all over the world. Most worth mentioning are:
- Europe: France - Mediterranean coastline wrecks 1985-2000
- Australia: Sydney - coastline wrecks 2001-2001
- Asia: Lebanon – HMS Victoria (142 m)

Mr. den Toom is full time NAUI trainer and the owner of Scuba – Academie Vinkeveen. It is located at the lakeshore, 10 km. south of Amsterdam. He is well known for his great support for divers, giving honest advise and most professional service they can get. Selling the best products and supporting safe and comfortable underwater adventure for all levels of divers is the base of running his business. His students call him "KC". It comes from “KC and the Sunshine Band”. Like his favorite band he enjoys life, good music, food and fun! His motto is: “let's smile and be happy together”.
His life target is to leave a green footprint on this world. This is why he supports with full effort the Project Ghost Diver and other green (water) projects to make a better world. The most magic and exciting moment during his diver career was finding – after many years of searching - a colony of grey nurse sharks nearby Sydney shore. For the long time the sharks were hunted there, and finally considered to be exterminated species. Yet the colony was found by Mr. den Toom’s team and this special place is protected now. It is called adequately: “The Magic Point”. During his divings he uses Ammonite System’s LED Solaris kit.