He got the dive bug very early in life. Fascinated by the underwater world from the moment he encountered it, did his first scuba tryout at the age of 13 in 1978 in the local swimming pool.

Being directly intrigued by the history of the North sea and its wrecks the journey began and so he did his first North sea wreck dive as soon as dive N° 49. Became mixed gas diver in 2002.

Started the IANTD instructorship in 2004 and Instructor Trainer by 2006. It was till 2009 he discovered the dark side and fell in love with the caves and it diversity. Started teaching caves in 2014.

Vice President InnerSpace Explorers in 2017. He loves to explore whatever it is, a virgin wreck to a cave/mine in the middle of nowhere.

Quote: Practice is the only thing that can make you the best you can be.