Achim Schlöffel


1990 he moved to Florida and was lucky enough to witness first hand the birth of some of todays industry standards in technical diving. From 1998 till 2007 he taught for GUE, before he founded InnerSpace Exlorers (ISE) an international technical training agency. In 2012 Achim was the first person to dive through the British channel, from England to France. The Solodive was accomplished in 10,5 hours.

His true passion is the exploration and documentation of deep wrecks around the world. Beside that Achim is an active conservationists, running several projects like "P.O.N.D" or . His presentations in Schools around the world, bringing the need for conservation to the next generation are legendary. He is a frequent contributor to diving- and outdoor magazines. His articles and pictures have been published in countless print and online publications worldwide.