Care and Maintenance.

fot. Czarek Abramowski

Prior to diving

- Check battery energy level, recharge as necessary
- Inspect the cable carefully, check for cracks or other damages
- Check connecting cable o-rings. Apply silicone grease if necessary.
- Use connecting cable to connect the tank to the head, check connecting cable plugs for correct fitting.
- Switch the torch on and check if it works correctly. Leave torches with HID filament working for at least 30 seconds.
- If the torch does not work, switch it off and on again after 10 to 15 seconds
- Switch the torch off – it is ready to use underwater.

After diving

- Rinse the torch in fresh water.
- Before unscrewing the plugs, wipe the torch with a dry cloth.
- Disconnect the battery cable.
- Make sure water has not penetrated the tank.
- Inspect o-rings every 10 diving sessions.
- Check the cable for damage that may occur during diving.
- Avoid soiling with sand as it may damage the switch.
- Having charged the battery store the parts in a carry-case to protect from damage.

Always carry a spare torch when
diving in limited visibility conditions!


- Avoid soiling o-rings with sand.
- Inspect o-rings after 10 diving sessions and when disassembling the tank or the head, inspect o-rings prior to reassembling.
- When unscrewing the plug, inspect the connecting cable plug o-rings.
- Use silicone grease for greasing o-rings.
- Always carry a spare set of o-rings – you never know when you may need them!