Rafał Józefacki
Dear Divers! I am pleased to share with you my experience with
the Ammonite System diving torches, which I gained during my trip to
the caves of Yucatan in March this year.
Description of travel

As usual, me and Arthur went to our friends from ProTec, for whom cave diving is a way of life and Passion - spelled with a capital "P". The main target of our trip was to get acquainted with the pearls of Yucatan and explore Dreamgate and Minotauro diving systems as well as The ChanHol Cenote , which was initially explored by our colleague Kim. From the very beginning the weakest link in my underwater equipment were diving torches and they only failed me over the past few years. That is why I was a little skeptical when the opportunity of testing torches while cave diving in Mexico appeared. Fortunately quite unnecessarily, because the only problem which occurred, was just to get them in weighing 17kg cabin luggage across the border ...

During two weeks in Mexico I was provided with LED Solaris, LED Spot, LED Prime and HID14 torches. Each of them is a unique, high quality, very well made and - most important - a reliable source of light. During my underwater exploration I reached most for the LED Prime and HID14 torches. My decision was determined by the diving environment and the equipment I used. The light output of the torches allowed to penetrate the cave, while the focus of light provided appropriate certainty in communication with Arthur. Compact and lightweight torch heads perfectly matched the helmet and laid well in our hands . 5Ah battery, which we took, conveniently arranged on sidemount’s crotch strap, hiding under the buoyancy bag at the same time. It provided full range of body motion and did not hook up when crossing restrictions.

The culmination of the two weeks adventure was a phenomenal dive, which we took, starting from the Pet Cemetery up to the Blue Abyss. At the end of over 3.5 hour long dive, Ammonite’s LED Prime switched to backup option. Despite this, I still could comfortably keep eye contact with the rope rails and picked up the stage, which had been left in one of the corridors. I know one thing: I will often come back to Mexico in future, hopefully with sidemount and cave diving dedicated Ammonite System’s equipment...