Adam Wysoczański
Adam Wysoczański (46 years) has years of experience
in the special forces services.
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It was the first rebreather expedition of Extreme Diving Center to Micronesia. During my last trip to Truk Lagoon, British Airways lost my rebreather. This time I packed Mini Megalodon CCR and CCR Pathfinder into my wife’s bag as a cabin luggage. The other members of the expedition, using the Inspiration rebreathers, fortunately transported their equipment in the main luggage. Truk Lagoon wrecks are the remnants of the Japanese fleet sunk by American planes during Operation Hailstone. Our diving on wrecks: Hoki Maru, Nippon Maru, Yamagiri Maru, Rio de Janeiro, Aikoku Maru, San Francisco Maru, which cargo holds and decks are filled with military inventory - resembled a museum tour. Under the water we had the opportunity to see the Japanese tanks, aircrafts, automobiles, heavy engineering equipment and ammunition dedicated to the main artillery of largest battleships of World War II. Dives were wonderful. Wrecks are great, so I surely will get back to Truk Lagoon as soon as possible. There is still much to see ...

By courtesy of Ammonite System we had the opportunity to test their HID14 , LED Prime, LED Spot and LED Solaris torches and also LED ONE and LED TWO during our trip to Micronesia. All tested torches I evaluate very positively: handy during air transport, reliable, easy to use and providing a good light. I will permanently use Ammonite System’s torches for all my next wreck dives!